Friday 12 April 2024

"They Can't Touch You For It....", or Can they? FAFO

                Christie's pulls ancient Greek vases from sale after             
connection to Gianfranco Becchina,
convicted antiquities dealer
Provenance research needed

I see dealers are again feeling hard-done-by that they feel that when they try to pass off dodgy artefacts on the open market, they run the risk of being gotcha'ed because somewhere there are some operational documents to which they don't have access to evaluate the risk of "surfacing" something they are not 100% sure is of kosher origins (Daniel Cassaday "Using Secret Documents, an Antiquities Researcher Uncovers Looted Works at Christie's " April 11, 2024 2:49pm). But then the documentation referring to how they got their dealerish hands on bits of the dugup common archaeological heritage are no less secret. You show us yours, well show ours. Seems fair in the circumstances. Transparency on both sides is the key.

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