Wednesday 19 June 2024

Just STOP This: Just Stop Oil Attack Stonehenge With Orange Paint

Two clueless retards, named as Rajan Naidu, 73, and Niamh Lynch, 21,  from "Just Stop Oil" have sprayed orange paint from canisters with propellant gas (!) onto the prehistoric Stonehenge stones on Wednesday.
Posted on You Tube by TalkTV 19.06.2024
Several of the stones were seen covered in orange paint before one protester had his canister snateched away and sat dejectedly on the grass and the other was detained by a member of the public but kept on trying to spray until his canister was taken away (who was that woman?). The group said it had used orange cornflour paint to spray onto the stones, which it claimed would “soon wash away with the rain”. So? It will equally wash into the stone, taking starch and dyestuffs into their surface pores. Not to mention the fact that on the surface of the stiones are old (portentially ancient) lichen colonies that this and the bacteria it will attract may harm.  We have legislation protecting scheduled and Guardianship sites like this (which also has World Heritage List status)* - this time it should be used. These people sdshould be done for trespass and causing malicious damage.  Will it, will Britain show it is willing to protect its heritage now? I'd also like to see some authorities in teh conservation movement iussue a statement on this.  

* I believe in Bonkers Britain, it may actually have a status of a religious building - damage to which has addittional legal sanctions. 

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Hougenai said...

Lichenologists across the uk will be cock a hoop at all this sudden interest lichen conservation.
As yet though, I haven't seen a single quote from a bona fide lichenologist on the extent of the 'damage'.

What of the effects on the monument and lichen flora of pollution from the cars using the A303, or the longer term effect of climate change itself? (nb effects on the lichen flora across the site, not a limited area impacted in this silly demo).
The lichen community itself is liable to cause biodeteriation of the stones.

Did we hear any objections to the solstice gathering (15,000) on the basis of speculative effects on the lichen flora?

I do not condone their actions against SAM's or any heritage asset, but equally do not think we should be distracted by the manufactured outrage over assumed damage to the lichen community.

In this case, i doubt many of the indignant could even name a single lichen off the top of their head, never mind a particularly rare one. The whole thing has largely been jumped on by deniers because they can't win on the science of climate and a media wishing to create controversy in order to flog copy.

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