Friday, 20 May 2011

Disturbed Dugup Dealer Dave: "Blow the whole rotten process up"

Deranged Dugup Dealer Dave reckons over on Tim Haines' Yahoo 'AncientArtifacts' discussion list that time is up for US adherence to the 1970 UNESCO Convention.
It is time to blow the whole rotten process up, and set out to implement something better. The UK system of the Treasure Act and Portable Antiquities Scheme beckons as a vastly superior, very well proven concept.
Good for him, the US "implementation" of the Convention through a pathetic CCPIA is a farce, let them set up a PAS type system and British-style export licencing procedure in the US and encourage other nations to follow suit. Go for it Dave, but leave the pitchforks, torches and violent inflammatory talk at home.

Have ancient coin collectors considered the consequences of falling in behind the likes of dealer Dave Welsh and dealer Wayne Sayles? Does the PAS appreciate this kind of "support", can it really afford to be associated with the likes of Welsh and Sayles? Should it not be distancing themselves from a group of dealers whose main concern seems to be maintaining the "right" of US dealers and collectors to import illegally exported dugup antiquities from other countries without restrictions and stalling US efforts to help protect the global archaeological resource? Shame on them all.

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