Sunday, 15 May 2011

Conserving and Enhancing England's Environment?

Natural England is an independent public body whose purpose is to protect and improve England’s environment and encourage people to enjoy and get involved in their surroundings. The organization says its remit includes its cultural heritage. In their section on 'Our Work', is breathlessly enthusiastic about all the spiffing things one can do in the countryside.... “so if you want to try something new or need advice on where to get more information this is the section for you” Including, at the bottom, "For the less energetic, see what you can find underground by metal detecting" And just look where the link goes. The organization which has its OWN Code of Responsible Conduct for the activity (see here). A severe lack of joined-up thinking there it seems.

One almost expects the other 'conservation-related' activities this karaoke-society conservation organization recommends include badger-baiting, bird-egging, wild-flower pressing and off-road 4x4 safaris across fragile upland grasslands.

Does Britain have any archaeological organizations that could be interacting with bodies like this? It really does not look like it, does it?

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