Thursday, 5 May 2011

514 archaeological pieces seized from home of a collector

In Spain in an operation code-named "Professor" the National Police in Jaén seized a total of 514 pieces of art and archaeological interest in the town of Úbeda, in the home of a 63-year old collector who has been charged with the offence of receiving stolen property and offences against property. Among the items seized are coins, vases, lamps, sculptures and urns, one of them (an ossuary it seems) with human bones inside, columns, capitals, and other Iberian and Roman items. At present, experts are examining and cataloguing the pieces, while the Police investigation continues to try to ascertain the provenance of objects which seem to have come from the looting of archaeological sites.

The man also had in his possession a sculpture stolen from a public building in

Amelia Brenes, 'Recuperadas 514 piezas arqueológicas expoliadas en casa de un coleccionista', El Mundo, 5/5/11

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