Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hawass: Ka Nefer Nefer mummy Mask Returns Next Week

A few days ago emails were being exchanged behind the scenes to establish the foundation for the report by Nevine El-Aref ('Egypt steps up bid for Nefertiti bust', Ahram Online, 3 May 2011) according to which:
Hawass told reporters that in the next week, an ancient Egyptian statue which was illegally smuggled out of the country will return from Switzerland as well as the Ka Nefer mummy mask from the United States.
A week has passed and the mummy mask in SLAM has not been moved a centimetre nearer the door. Who knows, or cares any more, about what happened to the Swiss statue? Why do the Egyptian media continually come out with stories which contain not a shred of truth? For whose benefit did Nevine El-Aref present this as a "fact"? What purpose does this serve except to make observers even more distrustful of "news" from Cairo?

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