Monday, 23 May 2011

Shekels, Shekels, get yer Shekels Here!

Utah tour guide John Lund acknowledges that in the course of his work leading a trip of US tourists to Israel earlier on this month, he
facilitated the $2,000 purchase of a silver Tyre shekel, also known as a Judas coin, for one of the tour participants.
Lund claims to be writing a book on "Biblical coins of interest to Christians" but seems not to know enough about these coins to be able to tell a tour party member to save his money because he can buy a decent example of that shekel back in the states for about a quarter of the price.

V-Coins search Results For: Shekel (or siglos or siklos or tetrashekel) (Tyre) Including a rather interesting number from Sayles and Lavender

The Temple Tax “30 Pieces of Silver” Shekel of Tyre
Prices around 400 - 500 dollars for a decent one. Half decent ones much cheaper.
No wonder some of his firm's clients were running out of money if he was failing to give them advice on the most effective way to shop. After all this gentleman is called a "Fun for Less Educator".

Vignette: a Coin Replicas, Inc. (Charles Doyle, replica shekel, gentler on the pocket and the archaeological heritage than the real thing.

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