Monday, 23 May 2011

More changes at the Getty

Karol Wight, specialist in glass from the Roman Empire, is leaving the Getty to become the executive director of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, replacing David Whitehouse, executive director since 1999. Wight has been the the Getty Museum's senior curator for antiquities since 2007 when she replaced Marion True, who had departed from the organization in 2005 amid accusations that the Getty had been buying looted antiquities. The LA Times notes that "Wight's resignation from the Getty comes on the heels of the appointment of James Cuno as the head of the Getty Trust". Ms. Wight’s departure leaves the Getty Museum without a curator of antiquities and without a director. Michael Brand, the museum’s director for a little more than four years, resigned in 2010 after differences with the president of the Getty Trust, which oversees the museum.

Vignette: LA Times

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