Sunday, 2 December 2012

Every Collector Should Have One

I find a certain Wikipedia page rather amusing. A well-known acquisitor of huge amounts of antiques (including dugup antiquities) has an embarrassingly over-extensive Wikipedia coverage, including masses of laudatory quotes from various folk, including Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO :
“.... what Prof. Khalili (David) represents... he is more than a collector, art historian, business man, of diverse cultural background...he’s just a HUMANIST and this is what is so wonderful about him.” “... In 17th Century France, there is a very interesting description of people (such as David) – an HONEST MAN , meaning a man of passionate intellect and great culture, a man of balance and reason.... (showing) an intellectual and moral spirituality towards humanity. “Dear Professor Khalili, you have always been an ambassador for the values that inspire UNESCO’s action.” 
What a shame one cannot say that about all antiquity collectors.  So, why don't all those collectors of dugup antiquities get themselves a three-page Wikipedia entry duplicating in extenso that which is already online in their websites? They need an Egerton1981 and Malkalior of their own. Where can one get one?

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