Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Learning About Best Practice from Bloomsbury

Artefact-Hunting Partners as far away as Wales are capable of learning from Bloomsbury. "Handyman Alan" for some reason reckons:
quite a few detectorists and vexatious bloggers ...
have Oppositional Defiant Disorder (outbursts of irrational rage). On the contrary, I would say any concern, annoyance and frustrations caused by observing the attempts to gloss over the damaging effects of current policies on artefact hunting and collecting have the most rational basis. It is those that persistently denny the rights and wrongs of this argument who exhibit - and expect - irrationality.

"Vexatious bloggers" is of course one of the terms propagated in their outreach and partnership by the British Museum's Portable Antiquity Scheme to refer to those that are concerned that the Scheme under present leadership is not doing enough to promote a conservation ethos among artefact hunters.

Like the Victorian antiquariuans from whom they find it so difficult to separate themselves, the Bloomsbury Clan prefer calling people names to actually addressing their concerns. It is not surprising therefore to see their less able followers imitate them in that. The BM is leading by example.

Well done, fifteen million quid to promote "best practice" well spent?

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