Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Call for a Kimberley Process to track "Blood Antiquities"

India's former ambassador to Syria (Rajendra Abhyankar, now Professor of Practice of Diplomacy and Public Affairs, Indiana University) calls for a Kimberley Process to track "Blood Antiquities"  
As part of its Syria strategy the US must include the preservation our common heritage for future generations. The initiation of a UN Security Council Resolution is imperative to outlaw the possession, transport and trade of 'blood' antiques coming out of those regions presently in the grip of inter-religious and sectarian conflict: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Mali. The successful Kimberley Process for 'blood diamonds' coming out of Africa provides the model, though an even more stringent and enforceable international agreement is needed. [...]  It is humankind's universal heritage [...]  fully susceptible to monetization [...] All of it is threatened by the nether-world of the international trade in antiquities. [...] The looting and trade goes on at a furious pace while the international community remains unengaged and apathetic. 
 Rajendra Abhyankar; '' Huffington Post 3rd November 2014.

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