Friday, 14 November 2014

Focus on Metal Detecting: I want MORE public cash!

Stephen Auker's You Tube channel

Stephen Auker (disgruntled metal detectorist from Keighley, West Yorkshire) complains publicly on Facebook - presumably about his Riddlesden hoard find
Today I've received a provisional valuation from the British Musuem (sic) for my Roman Silver Hoard. I have to admit I found the offer totally offensive and will not only be telling them - and I may never volunteer (sic) any treasure trove again in the future.
I suggest those in the collecting world outside the UK who bang on about how "fair the British system is" might care to enlighten themselves how their fellow collectors in the UK actually feel about that by reading down through the comments in this thread. US dugup coin collectors who want-evertything-on-a-plate and cannot be bothered to look something up for themselves might find it useful having these opinions in one place (just a mouse-click away) to counter the myth-making indulged in by the dealers' lobbyists.Why not get the ACCG to organize a petition to the British Government to rectify this situation? After all, if the system cannot work properly to everyone's benefit in the UK, where COULD it ever work? Come on guys, put pressure on the Brits to sort their (Treasure) Act out!

And here we have Stephen Auker (MrDenarii) in action near his beach hut, walkie-talkies and all:

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