Friday, 14 November 2014

New Book: 'Cultural Property Crime'

Cultural Property Crime: An Overview and Analysis of Contemporary Perspectives and Trends Edited by Joris D. Kila and Marc Balcells (Brill)
In Cultural Property Crime various experts in the fields of criminology, art law, heritage studies, law enforcement, forensic psychology, archaeology, art history and journalism provide multidisciplinary perspectives on today’s concept of cultural property crime, including art crime. In addition, the volume deals with international, legal and practical developments regarding the increasing criminalization of acts against cultural property in times of conflict. Attention is paid to the changing status and fluctuating appraisal of cultural property as subject to classic art crimes generally in peacetime and as an identity-related symbolic target during conflict. The book covers a wide range of topics such as forgeries, white-collar crime, archaeological looting and the impact of war on cultural heritage.

Preface: Criminology in Art Crime: Some Lessons for the Legislators Stefano Manacorda

Part 1- Art Theft
1 Art Theft and Time Limits for Recovery: Do the Facts of the Crime Fit the Limits in Law?  Kenneth Polk and Duncan Chappell
Part 2 - The Relationship between Cultural Heritage Crimes and Organized Crime

2 Displacement, Deforestation, and Drugs: Antiquities Trafficking and the Narcotics Support Economies of Guatemala Donna Yates
Part 3 - Fakes and Forgeries
3 The Narrative Structure of Forgery Tales  Thierry Lenain
4 Forge and Export: The Trade in Fake Antiquities from China Toby Bull and Stephan Gruber
Part 4 - Art and White-Collar Crime

5 Money, Art, and Laundering: Coming to Grips with the Risks Petrus C. van Duyne, Lena Louwe, and Melvin Soudijn
6 Art Crime as White-Collar Crime  Marc Balcells
7 Art Fraud in Germany: Lessons Learned or the Fast Falling into Oblivion Saskia Hufnagel
8 Corruption from the Top: The Getty and Caligula’s Legacy Tanya K. Lervik and Marc Balcells
9 An Inside Job? The Case of Robert Noortman  Henk Schutten and Petrus C. van Duyne
Part 5 - Armed Conflicts and Cultural Property

10 From Crimes against Art to Crimes against Cultural Property: New Perspectives and Dimensions in Art Crime  Joris D. Kila
11 Illicit Traffic in Antiquities: Some Canadian Experiences John M. Fossey
12 The Gurlitt Case: German and International Responses to Ownership Rights in Looting Cases  Duncan Chappell and Saskia Hufnagel
Part 6 - Archaeological Looting

13 The Internet Market in Pre-Columbian Antiquities  Neil Brodie
14 Local and International Illicit Traffic in Vietnamese Cultural Property: A Preliminary Investigation  Damien Huffer and Duncan Chappell
15 Crime and Conflict: Temple Looting in Cambodia  Tess Davis and Simon Mackenzie
16 Transnational Forfeiture of the Getty Bronze  Derek Fincham

Part 7 - Art Vandalism
17 On Art, Crime, and Insanity. The Role and Contribution of Mental Disorders  Frans Koenraadt

Conclusion: Cultural Property Crime  Joris Kila and Marc Balcells

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