Sunday, 2 November 2014

Focus on UK Metal Detecting Hoard Hoiking and "Doing an Egerton"

Heritage Action ask 'Is it time to pay metal detectorists to behave?' (Heritage Journal 2nd November 2014):
Hurrah for metal detectorist Laurence Egerton who found a massive hoard in Devon and stopped digging and slept in his car for 3 days to guard it so it could be excavated by the professionals! Compare and contrast most detectorists. Ever heard of any of them doing that? It’s 3 years since we suggested they should do exactly that (and still PAS hasn’t suggested such a thing on their website!). [...] So how can detectorists be made to “do an Egerton”? 
Read the rest of this sorry tale of passive British woolly-wording about the 'partners'. 

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