Thursday, 6 November 2014

PAS Set up to "service" just 7125 Artefact Hunters?

The PAS has published what it says are figures for metal detectorists voluntarily reporting non-Treasure items to them. They suggest that the total number of capable of finding reportable items is just 7125 users. For this they employ fifty people at a total cost to the taxpayer of seventeen million pounds (so far, and counting). That means the hobby of each metal detectorist has cost the taxpayer upwards of 2300 pounds minus any Treasure rewards. Meanwhile more than half of them (3,381) are happy users of the privately-run UK Detector Finds Database.  The total number of members of just one of the many UK detecting forums is 6816 (which could potentially mean that the number of UK detectorists not part of this particular online community is very small.

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