Friday, 2 October 2015

Metal Detecting Above Reputed "Nazi Gold Train" Site

The only thing Polish army specialists found metal detecting at the "Nazi Gold Train" site were six bullets for a Mauser rifle, though they only checked 1m deep. I doubt though that any of them reacted like the puerile "Nazi Gold Diggers" who went bananas every time they found one that was live. If they'd talked to those who wander central European fields, they'd know they are everywhere.

Waste of public money
 Meanwhile, nothing much has happened on the 'XYZ Spółka Cywilna Piotr Koper i Andreas Richter' website belonging to the two men who claim they found this alleged 'train'. They say "Ze zrozumiałych względów nie możemy wam jeszcze pokazać więcej dowodów na potwierdzenie naszego znaleziska" [For understandable (sic) reasons, we cannot yet show more (sic) proof confirming our find]. Well, actually the only reason I can think of is they have none. "More proof"? They've not shown ANY. Since the site is now known because it in full view of the road and has been cleared by the army who are working there and keeping the public out, there really is no reason at all not to show any "proof" they have that this is more than a crass publicity stunt.

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