Friday, 19 May 2017

Archie McArchface, versus Trezzi McTreasureface

Having publicised their asinine 'Britain's favourite Treasure' campaign and invited the plebs to vote, the British Museum Department of Dumbdown might at least have published the results and said what they 'mean'. Voting finished on May 15th.

It was the Frome Hoard


Anonymous said...

I see Historic England’s Steve Trow wasn't quite up to speed with Project Silk Purse:

“PAS is healing a breach between archaeologists and detectorists – it’s encouraging treasure hunters to act responsibly.”

So they're treasure hunters again, despite the massive campaign to call them something respectable. Is it 'cos they IS?

Paul Barford said...

Those who find are then report Treasure are not 'responsible', they are just doing what the law requires of every citizen.

Good though of HE to recognize that some probably still do not report such material.

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