Friday, 12 May 2017

Police recover stolen ancient coins, lamps, other antiquities near Hebron

A home was raided in the village of Beit Ula, northwest of Hebron in the West Bank, on May 10, 2017 and police detained the homeowner, a Palestinian man in his 50s. Dozens of ancient coins, oil lamps, items of jewellery and Jewish ritual objects were found dating from Hellenistic to Roman and Byzantine times, and on into the Middle Ages. The detainee will be brought before a military court Thursday to have his remand extended, police said.
In April, a Palestinian man suspected of smuggling hundreds of antiquities was arrested by police in a village outside Nablus in the West Bank. A joint police and Civil Administration operation found a trove of antiquities mostly dating to the Hellenistic, Second Temple and Roman periods whose value was estimated at thousands of dollars. The 50-year-old man was detained on suspicion of antiquities trafficking and an investigation was launched to determine whether he was part of a larger network of looters and dealers operating in the West Bank and Israel.
Jacob Magid, 'Police recover stolen ancient coins, lamps, other antiquities near Hebron', Times of Israel May 11, 2017


David Knell said...

Paul, I appreciate your thoughtfulness in resisting the urge to state *oil* lamps in your title. :)

Paul Barford said...

Ah, you see, even 'Barfy' is willing to learn from collectors....

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