Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dealers 'Entangled in Investigations'

Prominent Art Family Entangled in Investigations
Neither of the Aboutaam brothers has been charged with any wrongdoing related to these investigations. A lawyer representing the family company, Phoenix Ancient ArtSA, said it “has never knowingly purchased or sold any looted items, let alone items looted by ISIS.” The lawyer, Jeremy H. Temkin, added: “Phoenix prides itself on its outstanding research of the provenance of items it buys and sells, its extensive due diligence, and its efforts to enhance transparency in the market.

Some of these backstories have been discussed in this blog - most notably the ka Nefer nefer mask and the Leutwitz Apollo. The market in dugup antiquities like these certainly is in great need of much more transparency.

I really do not see this article by Benoit Faucon and Georgi Kantchev as in any way helpful, it is mostly innuendo.

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