Saturday, 13 May 2017

UK Treasure hunter who found Viking hoard to get £2m ransom paid out of public funds.

The aptly-named Evelyn Silber
UK Treasure hunter who found Viking hoard to get £2m ransom paid out of public funds.
Evelyn Silber, Safap chair, said: “The panel is grateful to the finder for reporting these stunning artefacts  [...] These will now be preserved and put on display for the people of Scotland, and the world, to enjoy [...] The mysterious circumstances of their deposition and unique quality will attract researchers and enthusiasts alike.”

well, unless a proper context of deposition can be determined, the only thing serious investigators can be attracted to is guesswork. But then, only in Bonkers Britain is that apparently considerd as a satisfactory basis for serious research. 

Anyway  retired businessman Derek McLennan who located  the 100 items in a field in Dumfriesshire, southwest Scotland, in September 2014 swept up in the mood of entitlement artefact hunters are encouraged in Britain to adopt was impatient to learn how much he'd get and felt he was being 'sidelined'. It should be remembered that this signal was 2 ft down. So well below any plough level. The detectorist uses a deep-seeking Minelab CTX, which he finds is "best for pasture". The Code of Practice for Responsible Detecting says keep off pasture.  

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