Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Knowledgeable Dealers?

David Knell has drawn attention to a sale of a 'Roman lamp' by TimeLine Auctions:
Not only is this lamp a modern replica, it doesn't even still have its handle. And the handle was the best part of these replicas!
In order to support his assessment he includes a reference to an easily accessible online resource.
The dealer's description:
5th century AD. A bronze oil lamp with bulbous body extending to a wide nozzle with deeply dished wick hole; hole to the top of lamp with hinged lid in the form of a bearded male head; lug to the back for attachment of separate handle; pedestal foot with wide base. 328 grams, 14cm (5 1/2"). Property of North West London gentleman; acquired from a London collector in the late 1990s; previously in a private collection formed in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

Condition: Fair condition, handle absent.

Starting Bid £130.00
This collecting history does not enlighten us as to when the object arrived on the market and under what conditions an obvious fake got classified as a genuine antiquity.

Vignette: a mug, 'handle absent'.

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David Knell said...

Love the subtle message behind the vignette!

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