Friday, 12 May 2017

Man Arrested for Possession and Transportation of Antiquities [UPDATED]

A 46-year-old man was arrested in a parking lot near the Alimos marina in an Athens suburb, on Tuesday for illegal possession and transportation of antiquities. He has been charged violating laws for protection of antiquities and cultural heritage.
 Police said the suspect had obtained an extremely rare Cycladic figurine and an ancient inscription and was trying to sell them for one million euros. They identified the man after many months of investigation and finally arrested him .    
 Kerry Kolasa-Sikiaridi, 'Man Arrested for Possession and Transportation of Rare Antiquities' GreekReporter May 10, 2017

Update   22nd May 2017

A 46-year-old gardener who allegedly acted as a middleman in the illegal sale of a valuable Cycladic-era statuette was freed pending trial Friday after posting a 10,000-euro bail payment. The gardener, who was arrested earlier this week in a parking lot near the marina in Alimos, southern Athens, is believed to have mediated in the purchase of the statue dating to circa 2800 BC on behalf of an unidentified buyer who paid 1 million euros for the artifact, according to police sources. The seller is being sought by police. He is said to be 1.85 meters tall, aged between 40 and 45 and to go by the name Spyros
Antiquity probe, middleman arrested Ekathimerini 12.05.2017

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