Sunday, 16 December 2018

Heritage Action Helping Conservation Abroad, but at Home?

Hobby collecting
Heritage Action share the news ('Heritage Journal helping conservation abroad?' Heritage Journal 16th Dec 2018) that a foreign archaeologist has asked to republish the chart from one of their 2014  articles.  Let’s hope it’s widely read elsewhere. And how many British archaeologists have already asked their permission to use it in their deep reflections on their role in encouraging the preservation of the archaeological record from wanton Collection-Driven Exploitation? Has it reached double figures yet?

One of the views in the disturbing survey of British archaeologists' views on the consequences for the archaeological study of the past of the impending Brexit (only 8% voted for it) includes the view that amonge the reasons for the (apparently) dismal prospects of archaeology in the immediate future because of this action is that:
"Archaeology is perceived by thepublic as a hobby rather than contributing to the benefit of community (paradoxically all the outreach with schools, open days etc which are so popular probably reinforces this view)- in that respect we're light years behind environmentalists"
Thank the PAS for that, too. The PAS has done untold damage to British archaeology - "they created an (intellectual) desert and called it Partnership"

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