Thursday, 27 December 2018

Metal Detectorists STOPPED from Digging Holes into Archaeological Site, Damaging it. Not in England of Course

An ancient site and its holes
In England, Baz Thugwit wanders where he wants, digging up coins from archaeological sites and walking off with them. The current total of 889,304 records on the PAS database refer to a large part coins from their private collections (Total quantity: 680,143). In other countries, heritage professionals treat the archaeological record with more respect. In Israel the Antiquities police (nota bene) have managed to stop the theft of ancient coins from an ancient site by metal detectorists who had dug holes to find the coins, damaging the site. (Yvette J. Deane Antiquities police stop theft of ancient coins', Jerusalem Post December 27, 2018)
 Israel Antiquities Authority, JNF and Border Police stopped a band of thieves from stealing ancient coins from the Hukuk Synagogue archeological site in northern Israel on Thursday. "A quick response prevented damage to the magnificent and important treasures of the site," Nir Distelfeld, the antiquities theft inspector, said. "Damage to an antiquities site constitutes a serious offense punishable by five years' imprisonment. " The suspects dug holes to find the coins, damaging the site.
Conservation-averse UK artefact hunters, spoilt by the PAS, and indignantly playing the victim say "This is an astonishing breech (sic) of freedom and Human Rights. If this kind of repression was aimed at the gay community, ethnic minorities, or say the disabled, there would rightly be uproar. It must stop…NOW!It is ironic that this is the site with which Nathan Elkins is involved.

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