Saturday, 14 October 2017

Metropolitan Museum of Art Issues Statement Against U.S. Decision to Pull Out of UNESCO

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s president and CEO, Daniel H. Weiss, has issued a statement opposing the U.S. Decision to Pull Out of UNESCO (Alex Greenberg, 'Metropolitan Museum of Art Issues Statement Against U.S. Decision to Pull Out of UNESCO' New York Times 10/12/17):
One of our most important responsibilities as museum leaders is to protect cultural heritage and promote international education. For more than half a century The Met and countless other museums have successfully partnered with UNESCO, an organization that has earned the respect of nations and communities worldwide for bringing together curators, conservators, and a range of other scholars to educate, preserve, protect, and support the intellectual and artistic traditions of our shared cultural heritage. President Trump’s decision to withdraw from UNESCO undermines the historic role of the United States as a leader in this effort and weakens our position as a strong advocate for cultural preservation. Although UNESCO may be an imperfect organization, it has been an important leader and steadfast partner in this crucial work. The Met remains deeply committed to productive engagement with UNESCO and our colleagues around the world who share this important objective.
Vignette: Daniel Weiss

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