Saturday, 28 October 2017

Home-made heritage Organizations in America

London not shown
The Committee for Cultural Policy has an interesting overlap in membership of the board with the membership of the so-called Global Heritage Alliance. Look at the list of their board members:
Dr. Gary Vikan, President
Arthur Houghton, Vice President
Robert Poster, Treasurer
Kate Fitz Gibbon, Secretary
Michael de Havenon
Matthew Polk
Ariel Herrmann
John Eskenazi
James Fitzpatrick
William G. Pearlstein
Carlton C. Rochell
Peter K. Tompa
The names in bold appear in the lists of both organizations... Mapping them out is even more revealing of how wide a cross section of the US trade they represent, two are based in Baltimore, five in New York, three in Washington, one in London (Eskanazi) and one in Santa Fe (Fitz Gibbon).

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