Sunday, 1 October 2017

You did so well carrying on with that hole..

Some comments, some almost in English, on the "OUR Roman Field Hoard Find":

Coin_meister North WalesCoin_meister North Wales 1 miesiąc temu
Find of a life time bro... Epic... You did so well carrying on with that hole.. The dog is such a great find... The face gives me a chill lol... I'm looking forward to the feedback from the FLO.. I hope you don't lose that field now... I doubt the archaeologists have a CTX 3030 lol... Borrow Andy's 17" Coil & go through it again from every direction... The Sound Of Success... Take care.... Best Wishes CMNW:-)
Lady Jane 1 miesiąc temu:
Seriously , Just WOW !!! Thank you so much for putting this up ... I can't tell you how excited i was watching this video , i got goosebumps !!! Amazing !! for once i am lost for words ... Seeing that coming out the ground was wonderful ... I'd of been shaking too !! Like Peter990099 said ... its nice to see something like that coming up live before it hits the news :-) :-) Just amazing ... Well done :-) ....Think i would of wet myself lol ..... Thanks again for fantastic content , :-) :-) Take Care xoxoxo
Molesy 1 miesiąc temu
Brilliant Pete couldn't of happened to a more knowledgeable and dedicated detectorist you deserve it mate ATB.
Gerard Mcgivern 1 miesiąc temu
All i can say is what a stunning video....very well done....and dug to perfection.....i detect the four leafed clover won the was meant to be outstanding......G
milsub59 1 miesiąc temu  
Wonderful find and a superb video. I would swear and shake too! I would have widened the hole from the start to make it easier, but you guys did a thorough job of hoovering up all the bits. The arcs wouldn't care for your technique , but it is your find and not theirs. Quite possibly the best detecting video on youtube. Many thanks for posting, Deus on charge now .....cheers Pj 

Silver sniffer3030 1 miesiąc temu 
Well done mate, that was a day I will never forget, glad I was able to share it with you I can't believe it happened c u on the next, HH Andy
CrazyCressy7 1 miesiąc temu Thank you for being my Bro in law and my detecting buddy ,just glad you were there ;)and thanks for showing me the ropes master ;) it was a mad day and i think the FLOs liked it today ,will keep him busy for a few weeks ;) 

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