Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Three sentenced to prison for looting Mississippi Indian mound

Seven people have recently been convicted of removing artifacts in 2014 from the Doskie Indian Mound on federal property in northeastern Mississippi, Three of them have been sent to prison  (Three sentenced to prison for looting Mississippi Indian mound The Republic 30th Sept 2017):
Thirty-four-year-old Matthew Glen Arnold, of Booneville, pleaded guilty to six counts of violating an archaeological resource in March and was sentenced Friday to 20 months in prison. Tyler Wilemon, a 22-year-old Booneville resident, pleaded guilty to one count in May and was sentenced Thursday to five years in prison. Sandra Arnold, of Iuka, pleaded guilty to two counts in April and was sentenced Sept. 7 to about a year in prison and one year of probation. The 62-year-old was also ordered to pay nearly $19,000 in restitution. Four others await sentencing.

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