Sunday, 15 October 2017

Artefact Hunters and Collectors Know 'How Archaeology Shuld be being Done - innit'

PAS-partners on a metal detecting forum near you (oldartefact » Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:22 pm):
To be honest I always thought Archies were on our side, and that is certainly the case with a great many... but there are some who are quite happy to stand up at the Treasure Conference and throw unfounded dispersions around the place [...] Sadly there is an element that want to close us down, and are more than happy to use smear tactics at a public conference to do it. Archies present themselves very well, they are learned academics after all, and there is nothing wrong with that... but when is the last time you heard an Archaeologist stand up and question the effectiveness of their own search techniques? These guys and girls get paid to do a good job out in the field, and then they insist on using archaic recovery techniques which leaves part of the story in the ground, and other parts of the story dug but not seen, thus leaving the narrative of the site only partly told. It seems that our hobby is always on the back foot, trying to defend itself, but given that we are collectively the experts in artefact recovery, maybe its about time we taught the Archaeologists a lesson or two in how they can do their job more effectively.

Lenborough grabfest

Greg's Hole (now expunged from Internet)

'Somewhere in Dorset'
 and many many more examples, though they are mainly commented on only on this blog, you'll not find them discussed anywhere else, really. PAS-partner archaeologists are not so keen to follow 'examples' like this.

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