Saturday, 28 October 2017

Who ARE the 'Global Heritage Alliance'?

 GHA intoxicated
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The website ( the 'Global Heritage Alliance' ('an advocacy organization representing the interests of collectors, the museums and the trade in cultural artifacts') has now an added page detailing who are behind the group with tjhe logo of  a blue drugged chicken and a passed-out rat. Here they are:

Executive Director,  Peter K. Tompa (Washington DC, of counsel to Bailey and Ehrenberg, LLP, well-known to readers of this blog).
President,  Arthur Houghton (Washington DC,  well-known to readers of this blog).
Treasurer,  Robert Gallegos (Albaquerque, former dealer in native American artefacts, former  president of the Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association)
Secretary,  John Molloy (Santa Fe/New York, dealer in Native American objects, President of ATADA, the Antique Tribal Dealers Association),
 Matthew C Polk (Baltimoreavid collector of modern and historic textiles).   
Carlton C Rochell (formerly of Sotheby's, Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Art, currently President of Carlton Rochell Asian Art, a New York gallery established in 2002, offering works of art from India and Southeast Asia.)
Dr. Gary Vikan (former Director of the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore).

Oddly for a global organization, all the officers/members are based in the US, and indeed cluster in two very restricted areas of the US.

'GHA seven' members

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