Saturday, 21 October 2017

Blocking Out Difficulties

The dealers and their lobbyists continue to withdraw from and alienate themselves from the heritage debate. AnthroPaulicy now reports:
Katie A. Paul‏ @AnthroPaulicy
W odpowiedzi do @ChasingAphrodit @cwjones89
I “liked” these tweets so @ArtTradeSol blocked me. Haha I didn’t even participate in the conversation (although happy to)
This is part of a pattern:

(see here: james-mcandrew-has-no-solutions-lacks )

and so on. I guess if you are a representative of a group of people who like retards think they can continue to do what they do in the same manner as they always did things in the nineteenth century, ignoring views different to your own may appeal as a possible way to make the problems go away. In the world of the grown ups however, the perception of how to deal with challenges will differ. 

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