Friday, 27 October 2017

Their idea of Dialogue': 'James McAndrew ArtTradeSol has blocked you'

Really pathetic, somebody with pretensions to have the "Art Trade Solutions" on antiquities issues has now blocked just about anyone who was following  them who is not a dealer. Now it is the turn of Lynda Albertson‏ @sauterne:
'I am now a member of the blocked club too. Hard to have the shared dialogue he wants when he blocks those with opposite viewpoints and experience.
but that is exactly how the advocates of no-questions-asked collecting operate. Mr McAndrews apparently has not the courage of his convictions to actually attempt to face up to the remarks and observations of those of different viewpoints. Typical of the Trump faction of which his social media profile reveals him to be one of the most ridiculously cardborad cutout examples out there. What a ridiculous bunch of social inadequates many collectors and their advocates are. Sad.

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