Monday, 9 October 2017

Knowledge Theft in UK on a Previously Unimagined Scale [UPDATED: Is Paul Barford Dead Yet? Detectorist Answered]

PC Andy Long is looking for this man, anybody recognize him? State of the art surveillance this is not...
He says:
#Nighthawking is theft! They steal property & our history. Can you ID this male stealing from the Roman site at #Greatchesterford?
It looks like an artefact hunting metal detectorist to me engaged in collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record. Great Chesterfgforsd is a major Roman urban site now in open countryside, a known site and for the most part scheduled. But far more damaging to our knowledge are the tens of thousands of artefact hunters pocketing hundreds of thousands of historical artefacts from the fields of England which are not being reported even, let alone properly documented at the time of extraction from the archaeological record. That is sheer knowledge theft and we are all the losers.


Norman and Linda Kennedy said...

Is Paul Dead now.I just wondered.


Paul Barford said...

No, Mr Kennedy, not by a long chalk 'not dead yet'. Do you know something I do not? If so, would you like to repeat it to PC Andy Long? Even if I were, the problems I highlight would not go away, and they will not go away and these problems have to be addressed and not ignored. Certainly dismissive attitudes among detectorists like yourself are not going to make them valid partners in establishing solutions.

Anonymous said...

I agree Paul, this is self evidently a "metal detectorist". It's high time PC Andy Long stopped misleading landowners and the public.

Incidentally I can confirm you're not dead. On the other hand, a brief reference to Google will reveal that Mr Kennedy is a fruitloop.

Paul Barford said...

I guess anyone who writes to a current post on somebody's blog in the third person asking if "he" is dead has to have something wrong with their brain. I guess its all those harmful nanovibrations from the electromagnetic coils that does it.

David Knell said...

I'm not sure if nanovibrations are a cause or merely an exacerbator of the commenter's condition. I have a feeling that someone who sets up a blog about 'Shuzi Health Jewellery' and other related bollox is not entirely in tune with sanity to begin with.

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