Monday, 17 December 2018

Think Like a Caveman, You Might End up Like one

'Only interested in nature' (read article)
An infamous Italian veterinarian and hunter, who found fame last year due to photos of him posing with a lion he had killed recently, slipped on ice and fell 100 feet to his death while hunting.[...] Ponzetto caused a lot of anger across the internet back in November of 2015, after a series of photos he posted online that showed him posing with trophy kills [...] Until he died, Ponzetto constantly defended his hobby, saying that veterinary work was not incompatible with hunting, neither in a moral sense or in a professional sense [...] He stated that he had done nothing wrong and that he was being criticized by people who do not know him. He claimed that he always loved his work and he has always loved animals no matter what. ['Infamous Lion Hunter Slipped And Fell 100 Feet To His Death During Hunt', Disclose TV, Dec 13 2018]
'Only interested in the history' (think sbout it)
So, that's a bit like all those idiot metal detectorists who claim that they are interested in history, while being engaged in a hobby that simply destroys the historical record in the hunt for trophy items ('a piece of past in your hand'), By digging into archaeological sites and assemblages and selectively removing evidence and not recording its exact associations and internal patterning of the assemblage of which it forms a part (context), the artefact hunter is destroying the evidence in the hunt for trophy items.   And no amount of wrong-headed pseudo-justifications from the Ixelles Six academics or anyone else will change that fact.

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