Saturday, 15 December 2018

Collectors' Corner: UK Metal Detecting - "Not in it Fer the Munny. 'cept When we Are"

Not broken by the plough
A bit of the archaeological record on sale by Ackton Antiquities craig20050 (12819 ) 99.8%: Iron age Celtic bronze chariot enamel terret ring part Metal detecting
Broken Iron age / Celtic bronze terret ring with red enamel cells who knows how it became broken such a robust piece of bronze must of been hacked or smashed either in battle or as a votive piece?? a good starter / study piece, Measures 39mm long, Item specifics Colour: Bronze Material: Bronze
PAS record number unavailable, export licencing procedure not stated upfront. Ackton Antiquities
 craig20050 ('craig slater [...], Pontefract West Yorkshire WF7 6JB') has been an eBay member since Jan 15, 2005 and in that time sold some 12819 items - that's 915 per year.

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