Thursday, 27 December 2018

The Threat Increases: the PAS? Stays Silent

UK Archaeologist: "This is fine..."
Anonymous reader:
"Our area [somewhere "up North" PMB] was always a relative backwater when it came to metal detectorists. Now the numbers have exploded, we even have a local detector shop. It is so bad that I have been reluctant to record new sites on the HER (I always do but it really irks to know that new to science also means totally unprotected from detecting interest). It has been a good month for such as google released the 'drought' images. You wait nearly 6,000 years for a henge then four come all at once. "
and of course thicko acquisitive metal detector wielding artefact hunters will be up there 'dirt fishing' and pocketing around for all they are worth - and if the site is remote enough, whether or not they bother to get the landowner's permission. And the archaeologists will be rubbing their hands with glee, because some of the 'goodies' will fall into their object-hungry laps and no need to bovver too much about documenting context, eh. 'Findspot will do fine'.

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