Saturday, 27 April 2019

Collectors' Corner: Why No Paperwork?

This is quite a shocking piece - given its description. This is being sold by dealer 'theancienttimes ' (148 who is based in Lowestoft, UK:
Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. ANCIENT GREEK TILE FRAGMENT DEPICTING THE PHILOSOPHER ARISTOTLE CIRCA 300-200BCE Aristotle was a philosopher during the Classical period in Ancient Greece, the founder of the Lyceum and the Peripatetic school of philosophy and Aristotelian tradition. Along with his teacher Plato, he is considered the "Father of Western Philosophy" APPROXIMATE SIZE AND WEIGHT: 110 X 71 X 8 MM 94 Grams [...] RETURN POLICY: We offer a 30 day return policy. A FULL refund is offered if you are not satisfied with your purchase, so please don't hesitate to bid. Items MUST be returned within 30 days and MUST be returned in the same condition they were sent. We use a lot of protective packaging so please use this if you are returning an item. damaged/cleaned/items altered in any way will not be accepted for return. PROVENANCE: All items are acquired from legitimate sources such as established galleries, International coin fairs and old British and European collections. The Authenticity of our items is guaranteed! If you have any further questions, please feel free to send a message!
Note, there is no mention upfront of any documentation concerning its collection history. Probably it says "Aristotle, souvenir of Persepolis" on the back and the seller forgot to mention that. Caveat emptor, they are out to get your money and then don't care how in the antiquities market.

UPDATE it sold for GBP 46.50 (approx $61.00) with as many as 18 bids  - which shows that in the world of 'portable antiquities collecting, there is one born every minute.

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