Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Malvern Detectorist Seeking Local Search and Take Permissions

Paul Squeak Burston Malvern detectorist seeking land permissions or looking to find lost items.
Have you lost a ring or other similar item? If you have a rough idea where it is but need some assistance I will be happy to help free of charge. Or maybe you have a small field or own some land and are interested in what may lie beneath? I have been detecting for over 8 years and have been searching in and around Malvern all this time. I have a good relationship with some land owners but it is difficult to find new areas to search. If anyone is interested in the history that may lie in their fields then please get in touch. All finds will be reported to the owner. Any disturbance to the soil is replaced. No holes left in fields. Anything of value is shared 50/50. You benefit from having another set of eyes on your land. Respectful to the property.
Yes, well, they would be wouldn't they? It's not their property to disrespect! Of course the "happy assistance" "free of charge" will be in the hope of the opportunity to come back and search for valuable historical items on that landowner's property (also "free of charge"). These "citizen archaeologists" promise to reveal "what lies beneath" the land - presumably a metal detecting survey backs up a survey by ground-penetrating radar or some other geophysical wizardry. But "all finds will be reported to the owner and anything of value is shared 50/50". But it is not "Squeaky" who decides how a Treasure Reward is split. Squeaky Burston has a "a good relationship with some land owners" but ... um seems not to mention somebody else a RESPONSIBLE 'Metal Detectorist' should also have a "good relationship" with. How could he forget the PAS?  And it is to the latter that any landowner should be able to turn to ask about the degree to which the archaeological record of the sites on that land would "benefit from having" an artefact hunter like Mr Squeaky pulling artefacts out of it willy nilly to split the proceeds of the sales with the landowner.

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