Friday, 19 April 2019

Portable Antiquities does Religion

"In the Christian calendar, Good Friday marks the day of Christ's crucifixion. This tiny silver Medieval mount shows Mary holding the lifeless body of the crucified Christ. Crucifixion pendants are a common find but this one is unusual for its post-crucifixion scene. "
Yes, its called a Pietà scene and to fill the picture in, why does the Scheme not explain WHY pendants depicting the Crucifixion are more common than Pieta scenes to the godless plebs they presume to explain Good Friday to? Can they? It got two reactions, one from a Durham University student: 
Mike Sherry @ArchaeoMikey w odpowiedzi do @findsorguk
When you try to get your hammered mate past the bouncer into the club. "Yeah mate he's fine, we'll just get him a glass of water."
(which when you think about it Mr Sherry, is simply downright offensive to those with a different belief system to yours)  and (do note the Royal Arms there as a seal of approval):

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