Thursday, 25 April 2019

Stockholm Antiquities Trafficking and Forgery Workshops 2019

Workshop today and tomorrow: 'Investigating and Policing Antiquities Trafficking and Forgery in a Digital Age (Stockholm, Sweden, 25th-26th April 2019)'
Preliminary program of the first workshop

Day 1 – April 25th 2019
8:00: Registration and welcome coffee
8:30: Panel 1: Digital Perspectives
Duncan Chappell: Pursuing traffickers and forgers in a digital environment: Some contemporary portraits from the Asia Pacific region.
Shawn Graham: Teaching machines to see like archaeologists: Neural networks to investigate the antiquities trade.
10:00: Coffee break.
Katie Paul: Sleuthing social media: Uncovering antiquities trafficking networks on Facebook.
Samuel Hardy: Metal-detectorists, ‘even from Sweden’, in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus: Online social organisation of treasure-hunting in the Eastern Mediterranean.
11:50: Discussion and audience questions
12:30: Lunch
14:00: Panel 2: Field Perspectives
David Keller: Online market surveillance, interception, and repatriation of cultural property imported into the United States.
Cameron Walter: The gatekeepers: Global customs and law enforcement cooperation in the fight against cultural heritage trafficking.
15:30: Coffee break.
Kenneth Jonsson: The Gandarve hoard: How plundering night hawks were caught on Gotland.
Damien Huffer: Taphonomy, trafficking, and the forgery of ethnographic human remains.
17:30: Discussion and audience questions
18:00: Conference dinner
Day 2 – April 26th, 2019
9:00: Panel 3: Legal Perspectives
Lauren Dundler: “Still covered in sand.looked very old.” – Legal obligations in the internet market for antiquities.
Frida Larsdotter Lundgren: Risk object database: What can be gained from international data?
10:30: Coffee break.
Jostein Gundersen: Illicit trade in archaeological objects in Norway from a management point of view.
Lars Korsell: Cultural heritage crime from a Swedish perspective.
12:30: Discussion and audience questions
13:00: Lunch
Funding generously provided by the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung.
14:00: Panel 4 – Public Perspectives
VJ Kumar Sundaresan: The idol thief: How we caught the largest art smuggler in Asia.
Michaela Boland: Maintain the pressure: What happens when the spotlight moves on?
15:30: Coffee break.
16:00: Panel 5 – Open delegate discussion and data sharing
17:00: Closing remarks (Damien Huffer and co-hosts).

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