Saturday, 20 April 2019

UK Heritage Pocketer Strips Grassland site

Four years after finding a new hobby, Gareth Millward was about to experience the same rush felt by many explorers and metal detectorists before him - the discovery of "treasure". As a result, the British public get subjected to yet another unreflective puff-piece totally ignoring whole aspects of Collection-Driven Exploitation of the Archaeological Record, including the fact that the artefact hunter was searching undisturbed pasture ('What is it like to strike rich while metal detecting?' - BBC News 20th April 2019). Indeed, the photo showing him triumphantly displaying his trophy shows not only pasture, but what look like earthworks. What a shame an opportunity was missed to highlight this aspect of irresponsible use of a metal detector and private finders just pocketing the archaeological evidence from the trashing of yet another site in the Collection-Driven Exploitation of the archaeological record.
Mr Millward hopes to carry on pl[under]ing the same secret plot for treasure - and it isn't the prospect of financial failure he fears. He said: "What I dread is going back and seeing every man and his dog with a metal detector in my field."
Oh, so he bought the field then?

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