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Archaeology, Conservation and the New World Order

Ohio collector John Rieske is (he says) a former archaeology student, he claims to know what archaeology is about. He has just explained his theory to his fellow collectors. It goes something like this:

1) "We must realize that many zealots are not really out to stop only the collection of things considered old. That is just the first step toward total collectivism and I don't mean collectors. The first step in these radicals view is to label those who collect as elitists and as criminals: the enemies of mankind."

2) " When collectors become criminals in the rest of society's eyes, the next step toward totalitarianism becomes just that much easier: the banning of all private ownership of anything."

3) "When all property belongs to the state, everybody becomes de facto state property. That accomplished, the true elitists can then control everything to their hearts' content."

4) Presumably the rest of the argument would claim that this is part of the proccess of establishing the New World Order. Over the past decade concerned citizens have witnessed an extreme acceleration of the physical implementation of a framework and infrastructure ready to receive those who will not go along with a coordinated destruction of traditional American values and freedom. Evidence of this is in the FEMA prison trains with guillotines, and stock piles of plastic coffins for its victims, and the concentration camps that are even now springing up on federally-owned property on US soil. Peter Tompa has produced "evidence" he says proves the US State Department is ignoring the interests of the US people.

5) It would seem that collectors like Mr Rieske regard it as "obvious" that there is a secret conspiracy of archaeologists to aid and abet the institution of the New World Order. The original name of the Society of Antiquaries was the Society of Dilettanti - might for example be seen as a cover organization for the secret organization of the Illuminati.
In fact, was it not during the 1986 World Archaeological Congress (ArchCong) in Prague that a group of senior archaeologists met at the central point of the old Jewish cemetery to agree the plan of action, and it was there that the document known as the Protocols of the Elders of ArchCong was created? The document, if genuine, unequivocally proves the role of heritage professionals in the plan for total world domination.

6) Mr Rieske has therefore suggested that by fighting conservationists, by collecting antiquities without checking whether they have been obtained and exported legally, and by honouring the lost values and glories of the the vanished classical world, the collector is doing his bit for the perpetuation of the Old World Order and fighting the establishment of the New World Order. Tinfoil hats on, and watch out for those black helicopters.

[Alternatively, you could read the bit in exasperated mauve in the post below].

It is interesting to note that there are over 2000 collectors on the discussion list to which Rieske posted his conspiracy theory this morning, many of them showing little restraint in disagreeing with other views and other writers of posts made on that forum. Nevertheless, several hours later, not a single list member to date has questioned it. We might conclude from that perhaps that many of them go along with this sort of the vision of the world. Astounding. Where did our educationalists go wrong?


Robyn said...

WOW!! And I was called irrational??

Paul Barford said...

Hi Robyn, you are presumably referring to the comments on your post "silence".

I think as names that the no-questions-asked bunch use, that's pretty tame. As a group, they apparently can do little better than name-calling and coming out with inflammatory but foundationless irrational stuff about [anti-collecting] "zealots", "nationalists", and conspiracy theories.

I did not see it online, did Peter Tompa answer your question about the "Egyptian/US MOU" privately? What did he say?

Robyn said...

Hi Paul,

yes, I suppose that is tame coming from them.

As I expected, Mr. Tompa never did answer my question. It's a shame too, his answer would have made for interesting reading.

If he had answered that he would oppose such an MOU, he would basically be admitting that he supports others benefiting from what is illegal activity here. If he said he would support that MOU, then it would be rather hypocritical to challenge the Chinese/Cyprus MOU don't you think?

Take care,

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