Monday, 20 July 2009

Meyer and Meijer

In a recent article about 69 objects apparently stolen from Iraqi museums are discussed ("Netherlands sends back Iraq artefacts", Agence France Presse July 9, 2009, see BBC news report "Dutch hand back looted Iraqi art"). They have been seized by Dutch authorities and are destined for return to Iraq (German government please take note). In the text, archaeologist Diederik Meijer of Leiden University is quoted as saying "These things should not be bought and sold". This has produced a little flurry of interest on the Yahoo AncientArtifacts forum, one member claiming that "Dick Meijer" is not an archaeologist, but an antiquities dealer and appraiser ("Dick Meijer Antiquiteiten", Keizersgracht 539, 1017 DP Amsterdam, here and here). He is however confusing Dick Meijer with Diederik Meijer of Leiden who is presumably the gentleman quoted in the news articles. What is interesting is that the person concerned, going by the name of Huub Meyer made a later post which I will discuss above, I suspect there is a story behind it.

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