Friday, 3 July 2009

More on Utah's "Action Cerberus"

The hooha about the Blanding ARPA arrests continues (Nate Carlisle, „BLM agents pulled guns on artifacts suspects, sheriff says” Salt lake Tribune 2nd July 2009) "All this could have been handled by summonses or [federal agents] could have come talk to me," [Sherrif] Lacy said. "I could have gone into any of these homes and not needed a gun". His brother was one of the accused. Had Sherrif Lacy ever wondered where the artifacts in his brother’s house were coming from? Where were the upright citizens of Blanding when apparently the law was being broken under their noses.

Also reported today, facing seven felonies, Jeanne Redd, the wife of the deceased doctor James Redd, may have reached a deal with prosecutors and has been scheduled to appear in court Monday to change her "not guilty" plea. (Patty Henetz, “Artifact-theft suspect to change plea” Salt lake Tribune 2nd July 2009).
Photo: San Juan County Sheriff Mike Lacy

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