Monday 15 February 2010

CBA - The Mark of the Beast? Hardly.

CBA Director Mike Heyworth's forthright "only responsible detecting is acceptable" Twitter the other day has aroused a telling and furious reaction on UK metal detecting forums. As a result it seems there is a growing feeling among the artefact hunters gathered there that he and CBA are now the devil incarnate (it used to be Time Team and Tony Robinson). This reaction to what seems to the rest of us to be a fairly self-evident statement is interesting because of course when challenged, UK metal detectorists have always claimed they are "all responsible" and it is "only a few black sheep which get the rest of us a bad name". So why all the aggression when a public statement is made that only the something-they-all-claim-to-do is acceptable ? The mob reaction to him saying that however is made even more incomprehensible in that none of them could actually say what was wrong with it.


Anonymous said...

What did those guys think about Time Team and Tony Robinson ?

Paul Barford said...

Join a UK metal detecting forum under the name "Tony-Robinson" and see !! :<)

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