Monday 8 February 2010

Flats in Luxor

If anyone is going to explore the tombs and monuments of the West Bank at Luxor, then it is essential to have a good base from which to do so. There are some nice-looking hotels in the vicinity of Medinet Habu, but I've not been inside. Due however to a mutual friend, I was introduced to Jane Akshar the world-famous blogger and owner of Flats in Luxor and had tea and biscuits and then dinner with her. She also took on the onerous task of looking after the cat I found wandering the desert, took home... and then had to find a home for. Jane is a lovely lively lady, speaks perfect English, and has some really nice clean, spacious, well-appointed flats for rent. She also knows just about anybody and anything that is worth knowing in the Luxor region, so is well placed to "arrange" all sorts of things for her guests. I can unreservedly recommend a stay with her. If you go there and see it, give the tabby cat a stroke from me.

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