Friday 19 February 2010

Briton arrested in Tunis

The newspaper Assabah reports that a British citizen (so far unnamed) was arrested at Tunis airport while he was about to leave the country under a false identity. He has been charged with being part of a ring of illicit dealers of archaeological finds. This is the latest in a series of 22 arrests of foreigners and Tunisians resulting from a complex investigation which has been going on since December. This has led to the dismantling of a major network of dealers of illicitly made archaeological finds (statues and pottery in particular) which were being smuggled to Europe and the USA.

Of course after the smuggled objects arrived in Europe and the USA they must have magically turned into white geese and flew away into the sunset, as every single dealer that sells no-questions-asked artefacts is adamant that every single dealer that sells no-questions-asked artefacts in Europe or the USA sells only material coming from old collections.

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