Tuesday 16 February 2010

The Little House of the Bigmouth Coin Guys

In the post below I discuss the identity of the person in the US to whom the coins seized by US Customs at Baltimore had been sent. Since the text clearly indicates the "ACCG" as the buyer, the address given in that document must perforce be that to which the coins had been sent when intercepted. So what may be found at that address?

Well, it turns out that the address given on the documentation published on the internet is a small building on Elm Street which further searching on the internet turns out to be the premises of a retail outlet called "House of Angels",  you can check out their website for the name of the proprietor and the goods they sell (but see also here from 2005). This from Google Earth is what, according to documents now in Maryland District Court, the ACCG headquarters currently looks like:

There we were thinking the ACCG Central Committee gathered round a greasy table in a smoke filled bar with sawdust on the floor in some dark sinister building to hammer out their demands, ultimatums and plot the downfall of the US State Department overlooked by stern-faced men in dark glasses and bulky suits. The reality is somewhat different.


Anonymous said...

How will harassing this guy's wife help you accomplish your goals? It makes me to wonder what your goals are...

Paul Barford said...

"Harassing"? The information is out there in websites (much more in fact), all of the stuff I used was posted by the Sayles themselves. The registered address of the ACCG is the building I show and Doris Sayles is the person whose business is registered there.

Paul Barford said...

Coin dealer Alfred de la Fe also thinks I should not have used the Internet to find out more about the registered address of the ACCG of which he is a proud member.


"...and I can imagine his peers muttering under their breaths wondering what he was thinking".
I do not know (or care), perhaps they are at this moment using the links I gave (its advertising after all) ordering angels from the online shop, or thinking of dropping in for tea and a chat about ancient coins.

Nevertheless this IS the address of the ACCG and since all the information I used about the people assocuiated with that address is in the public domain (together with wedding photos and photos of the house, kids and dog which I did not use), there is no reason why it cannot be discussed. If I wanted to "attack" Wayne (who has verbally attacked me a number of times in the past) I certainly could do far worse than that, but that was not my aim, the text is about the ACCG.

Perhaps the problem is rather that collectors would prefer their "Guild" to be based in a large imposing Neo-Gothic brick building in Boston, and are discomfitted by somebody pointing ou that its a Missouri shop.

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