Thursday 18 March 2010

British Numismatic Trade Association Code of Ethics

The British Numismatic Trade Association was founded in 1973 and has, it says: "become an effective force in the fight against forgery, theft and other criminal activities, thus establishing a benchmark for the highest ethical standards in the domestic coin trade". "Application for membership of the BNTA is restricted to dealers and auctioneers in numismatic goods who are based in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, registered for VAT. Applicants need to be sponsored by two existing members and have to agree to abide by the published Code of Ethics. Membership is subject to annual review in order to ensure that standards are maintained". The BNTA code of ethics is as follows:
Every member of the Association agrees to adhere to the following Code of Ethics.
1) I agree to be bound by and support the Articles of Association and any further such articles and policies as may be agreed by the Association.
2) I agree to conduct my business in such a way as to bring no discredit on the Association or its Members and to take suitable action through the Association against flagrant breach of such business conduct.
3) I agree to maintain adequate records of purchases so that any enquiries from proper authorities can be satisfied.
4) I agree never knowingly to offer, exhibit or advertise counterfeits, copies, restrikes or reproductions without their being clearly described as such. In no way will I knowingly represent such items as being the genuine article.
5) I agree to take all reasonable steps to correct an error made in a normal transaction. In the event of a dispute, I would agree to submit the facts to the Council of the Association for arbitration.
6) I agree to conform to accepted standards of advertising within the meaning of the Trades Description Act.
7) I will not supply any goods on trade terms to anyone who does not order them in writing on suitably headed trade stationery or who does not produce a trade card when buying in person.
8) I will place to the credit account of any customer money paid to me by the customer. I will refund all or any part of the money in respect of the value of any goods which I am not able to supply if such repayment is demanded. [...]
9) I agree to fulfil all contracts made by me either orally or in writing. I further agree to pay on delivery for any material accepted from a customer [...] I will accept the return of any material which may be proved to be unsatisfactory, either from a customer or from a Member of the Association.
10) I agree to help Members of the Association and any others of serious intent in the furtherance of numismatic knowledge and research.
Actually nothing there whatseover about not buying illegally obtained objects, nothing about exercising due dilligence to avoid having such material in stock. Nothing there about reporting people offering illegally obtained artefacts for sale. There is nothing there either about having in their membership dealers who are members of any organizations involved in illegal activity, is there?

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