Tuesday 23 March 2010

RESCUE and Metal Detecting

I made some comments about RESCUE and what seemed to be a somewhat liberal attitude to current modes of metal detector use a while back which they did not like one bit (here and here). So it is gratifying to see that there has been a return to the topic. In RESCUE News 109, there is an article by Pamela Irving "A private hobby at public cost" which shares some of the misgivings I have been expressing here on the Treasure Act. Part of it is visible online however. Pam makes the point that: "We see huge sums of money from public or charitable sources currently being poured into archaeological mitigation consequential on the activities of individuals undertaking what is essentially a private and destructive hobby, which it is hard to justify".
Vignette: This is one of the few posts on British approaches to metal detecting on this blog that will not be getting the Mad Hatter's Tea Party dormouse-in-the-teapot vignette. But I could not find a "heritage Hero" one I liked.

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